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How To Start Your Wedding Photography Business

bride1Many photographers at same point of their photography journey consider to get into wedding and engagement photography. The wedding photography business has also become a popular and desired field lately. One has to search online to see how many wedding photography business are advertised and available.

With digital cameras becoming more and more affordable yeah year and the barriers to entry for the wedding photographers business lowered, no wonder many photographers join the ranks of the already established professionals. After all, setting an online website and building a wedding portfolio nowadays takes 3-6 months compared to 1-2 years in the past.

So what are the main reasons for so many photographers to switch to wedding photography. Well, there are different for every photographer and every market, but here are some which are most common:

1. Constant Demand:

It’s an important event in every young couple’s life and parents are willing to spend plenty of money to make sure their children have the best experience and memories possible from these events.

2. Professional Help Required:

Such events tend to last between 2-8 hours and just hiring a professional photographer who specializes and has the experience to deliver quality images commands high rates.

3. Lucrative Business:

It’s actually derivative from #2 but the payout from one such event can sum up to many headshots and portraits session with much more clients, which of course require planning, preparation, attention and post-processing time to deliver the final images

So no wonder than photographers with all level of skills and degree of preparation are eager to become wedding and engagement photographers. This is all good but do all these photographers actually understand what is required and expected to be a wedding photographers.

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To start with: it is not an easy task working with all personalities on a wedding. Relatives, parents and even the couple itself could be quite difficult to work with. Equipment could fail and what seemed a perfect and easy shooting could become a nightmare and potential lawsuit with devastating consequences. The mental stamina required to handle all personalities and work with all sorts of people, requires lots of energy and is not intuitive to everyone.

So how a photographer can make the entry into the wedding photographer easy? First, make sure you learn about the wedding photography itself either by reading a specializing book or watching video tutorials. The professional wedding photographers who created these materials have really good examples and points to share. Creative Live is a good resource and they happen to run 30-days free course in February, 2014 (check their site for schedule details) : Check Creative Live Website For Details.

Second, arrange to attend a wedding and tag along with a fellow photographer. If you are going to be a second shooter, find out from the first shooter what he needs you to cover. Most likely he will do the bridal and bride & groom portraits and you might do group photos, dance and close ups. Most main photographers won’t risk to get the second shooter into the “secrete”, “cannot go wrong” , “must nail or get lawsuit” areas. No offense. It’s just how this business works.

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Once you know what you will be photographing, research it. Make sure that you have visualized in your head the poses, lenses, light and compositions you will be taking. One good resources to help with this is Pinterest. Here is board to review: Wedding Ideas for Brides and Grooms.


Hope these tips are useful to anyone who is considering to get into wedding and engagement photography. Think differently, have a comment or want to share an experience? Drop me a line or two, or as much as you need to.

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