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How to Display Camera Focus Points in Lightroom

Trifon Anguelov Photography - Chairs Every photographer knows that modern cameras use multiple focus points to allow a focus point to be selected before capturing the images. The number of focus points vary from camera to camera and the more expensive and sophisticated a camera body is, the more focus points it has. There is a dedicated auto focus sensor in each camera to allow the proper focusing. More advanced cameras even allow the photographer to group multiple focus points and let the camera select which focus point from the focus group to use for best focus.
And finally there is an fully automated focus point selection mode in which the camera selects and tracks a focus point continuously. So many great options and capabilities in modern camera bodies.
In post-processing when the images are downloaded and processes however, the focus point information (the location where the focus point was actually locked while capturing the images) is not easily viewable. Especially, when using Adobe Lightroom digital editing software. In the past a photographer had to use third party tools to load the images in order to see the focus points. But now there is a FREE Lightroom plug-in which allows to do that in Lightroom.
It’s supported on both Apple OSX and Microsoft Windows OS and easy to install. Just visit: for installation and usage details.
I have tested it last night and works as expected. You have to be in “Library” mode in Lightroom and you need to scroll down to the very last menu option on the bottom “Plug-in Extras”. From there select “Show Focus Points” and voila, you will see where exactly your camera has focused.
Knowing the focus points helps you in a multiple ways. First, it allows you to see if you completely nailed the focus during client sessions. Second, allows a photographer to adjust and correct its focusing techniques and see the results in post-processing. So if you ever wanted to see the image focus points in Lightroom, now you have a free, easy to install and use solution.

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How To Photograph Corporate Headshots and Business Portraits

Corporate HeadshotPhotographing business people and business executives for their corporate headshots is always demanding. Not because of any specific digital imaging equipment or specialized lighting but because of the fast paced nature of today’s businesses. Executives are extremely busy people and the time window to arrange and take a business portrait is limited. The maximum time one can get from an executive for their portrait is usually 10 – 15 minutes max. Which means a photographer has to be able to set the shot, prepare the lighting and test the setup before the executive can appear and pose for the shot.

One technique which I am using with a good success is to have my assistant pose for me during the lights setup and adjustment process. This saves lots of time and makes it easy to roll someone into the set and work with him to get the best facial expression and body pose.

Another challenge when taking corporate headshots is the deadlines to deliver the final product is the same day if not within 2 hours. I even had clients who wanted to have their final images on the location where we were shooting within 30 minutes. And there are cases when clients call after working hours to schedule a shoot and have the images the very same day. As they say, business never sleeps and the one who does goes out of business.

And let’s not forget the preparation for the headshot session. Coordinating with the client the areas where the headshots would be taken (outdoor, indoor), logistics to bring the equipment into the area, type of lighting, etc are some of the important details a photographer has to gather. The other is to get the clients prepared with clothing, hair styling and make up.

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A corporate headshot photography requires good preparation to conduct it efficiently. Corporate clients value their time and require all the necessary preparation to be completed beforehand. I hope these tips are helpful for any photographer who is looking to venture into the corporate headshot photography.

It is an exciting but demanding area. You will be working with the leaders who shape our economy and your portraits would be features online and in magazines. Good luck and be prepared.

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