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Candid Portraits and Street Photography – What You need To Know!

Abstract Photo by Trifon Anguelov Photography Portrait photography is an interesting type of photography. Photographing live people individually or in groups allows a portrait photographer to capture different moods, feelings and personalities with its digital or film cameras. Because every human being is unique in their facial features and all of us express themselves in unpredictable and different ways, taking portraits never produces the same results. Single camera and lens with the same settings can produce completely different looks and portraits. Corporate headshots, personal portraits, kids portraits and family portraits. They all look different.

Some studio photographers use preset studio lighting to control the environment and look of their images, while outdoor or natural light photographers learn how to capture the best sun light at the right time. Other practice street photography and capture candid pictures of strangers which they will most likely never see again or get to know. The entire “picture by surprise” element yields such interesting images and unprovoked reactions that is a both trill and fun to do.

Traditionally, photographers are not obligated to ask for a consent or permission to take images from strangers as long as they are not trying to sell these pictures or otherwise benefit without the consent of the person being photographed. Most of the photographers are required to have model release form from the person being photographed first. But if one takes the images for their own pleasure and personal use, the law has been on photographer’s side.

Things are however starting to change. Many people concerned about their privacy are starting to put pressure on their governments to adopt laws protecting their privacy. The latest news comes from Hungary where the legislators passed a law to make it illegal to take pictures in public places without consent. So be aware and check with the laws in each country you are planning to visit about their street and on public paces photography rules.

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