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meTrifon Anguelov was born in Bulgaria and since 1997 has been living in Bay Area, Unites States. Ever since he remembers, he has been curious to discover the world around him and has always been trying to capture emotions, shapes, light and shadows in a unique way.

Trifon started his photography journey at age of 12 when his father gave him Smena 8, a fully manual film camera. Since then the world has never been the same. Chasing light and capturing precious moments on family vacations, events and nature has been Trifon’s passion in his childhood. The passion later become a hobby and part-time job.

Trifon has been photographing and became experienced into many photography areas:

  • Wedding
  • Engagements
  • Corporate and Professional Headshots
  • Family and Seniors Portraits
  • Fashion
  • Beauty and Glamour
  • Corporate Events
  • Parties, Celebrations

To capture the best moments and light for his clients, Trifon Anguelov uses state of art digital technology to capture, process and present his images. His equipment include:

  • the latest professional Canon DSLR: 5D Mark III
  • the latest Canon professional L-series lenses
  • professional grade flash and strobe lights

No image is ever complete without digital enhancing and retouching. Trifon manually processes each image with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and other professional digital editing suites. He has many years of digital image editing and digital effects which can satisfy every client’s need.

For portfolio, pricing or to book an appointment, visit my Wedding Photography Website.


Trifon Anguelov
(650) 930 0743

Twitter: @trifonanguelov




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