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Free Lightroom video training

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Many photographers IMG_9804are using digital software to edit their images before submitting to their clients. For professional or paid photographers this is a MUST.

No doubt Adobe is the king on the hill and has been developing and releasing amazing digital editing software over the years. In the beginning Photoshop was the only offering Adobe had for digital imaging. Truly amazing software and very smart acquisition for Adobe. Over the years Photoshop expanded to add more filters and capabilities but the fundamental concept of using non-destructive editing by introducing layers and layer masks is still very useful even today.

But as every software suite, the list of features and capabilities has grown to the point that even seasoned and professional digital editors used just a fraction of Photoshop vast bag of tricks. So Adobe came up with another smart idea: pick some of Photoshop functionalities and bundle them into separate products: Photoshop Elements and Lightroom.

Well while Elements seemed as crippled version of Photoshop and somehow justifies the low cost, Lightroom on the other side with its extremely easy to use interface and capabilities is in many cases the first choice to edit and publish digital images. From the way how the editing tools are organized in panels and the panels are organized according to the post-processing workflow (from top to bottom) is nothing short of user friendly.

Adobe last year released Lightroom 5 which adds even more editing capabilities and makes it even more robust and useful tool. If you are just starting or have been using it for a while and looking to learn more ways to edit your digital images with Adobe Lightroom here is a collection of videos worth watching:

The first one is kind of long (good thing there is a forward button in Youtube), but the instructor gives accurate information and good editing advice. All content applies to both LR4 and LR5:

The second video is about portrait retouching:

The collection of videos below is for Lightroom 2 but the concepts and workflow is pretty much the same so I recommend if you don’t already know how to do these edits to watch these videos as well:

  1. Soften the skin:
  2. Luminance features in LR:
  3. Selecting coloring in Lightroom:
  4. Batch file processing in Lightroom:
  5. Using adjustment brush in Ligthroom:
  6. Convert images to Black & White:
  7. Sorting and ranking images in Lightroom:
  8. Creating virtual copies in Ligthroom:
  9. Watermark images in Lightroom:
  10. Remove unwanted objects in Ligthroom:

And if these are not enough there are 10 additional free videos you might want to watch:

Think differently, agree or disagree? Drop me a line or comment below.

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Author: Trifon Anguelov

Photographer in San Francisco Bay Area, California. Currently based in Mountain View, California, I am specializing in portraiture and events photography. Working with clients to fulfill their needs for personal and business, headshots, children portraits, family portraits, corporate headshots and portraits, commercial photography and events photography. In my free time I also enjoy photography landscapes and wildlife.

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