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Pushing The Digital Image Editing to The Limit, or The Feature Is Already Here?

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abstract photography by trifon anguelov photographerAmazing video showing how digital image editing might change in the future. Real time retouching is not the one we have already seen using Adobe Photoshop. New interface and controls are used to alter skin, facial, hair and overall image details and features. No more hard to remember keyboard shortcuts and complicated menus.

Simply point to the control and use intuitive presets. Is that the future if digital image editing? Only time will show us, I guess. If you though Adobe Photoshop was great, wait until you see this video: .

Most likely make up artists were used to video record different frames and then edit with overlapping of the controls. Quite amazing. Very intuitive controls and easy to do. I am sure Adobe is taking a notice.

Credit to the singer BOGGIE for performing Parfüm song.

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