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When Photography Tools Are Not Enough

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IMG_20140124_185046Erik Johansson’s “Impossible Photography” talk on TED is both inspiring and stimulating.

A photographer needs to have a vision and come up with a creative idea instead of just trying to be in the right place at the right time. And still, one can ask: What is the right place and what is the right time? Isn’t the right composition, light and camera settings for one completely unappropriated and uninteresting for others?

Is photography just a way to record moments in time and capture composition of random objects aligning in a certain way: sky, clouds, light, shadows, trees and mountains? Or capturing human emotions as they unveil in front of photographer’s camera? What about if there are ideas which cannot be realistically captured with a lens and a camera? How can they be implemented and shared so others can visualize them as well?

Erik’s talk provide some of the answers examples of his work. Creating very realistically looking composite images is not easy but when done skillfully it really opens one eyes to new possibilities. After all, when all tools are equal, the imagination and vision is what can set one apart of the pack.

To watch “Impossible Photography” talk visit TED’s site:

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