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How To Find Inspiration For Your Photography

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IMG_20140122_130521 With the explosion of digital images online and the affordability of digital cameras continuing to increase, it’s no wonder that even seasoned photographers can run out of fresh ideas and get into a rut.

Has everything already been photographed and everyone has already seen this same composition which one considers interesting and worth the time to capture? Why take a picture if most likely someone else has already captured and showed the World this same image?

I am sure many photographers have or are asking themselves this question from time to time. If that’s the case, what is the solution? How does one get inspired and jump start the creative juices so they flow again? This was the same question fellow photographer asked in a Facebook photography group.

Well, my answer was simple: Get inspired by reviewing the work of fellow photographers and not just any photographer but ones who can inspire and have fresh ideas. Not the one who posts 20 images of a pretty girl in the same outfit and same scene to the point that everyone else knows they has a photo shoot. I am talking about the photographers who created and continue to create art, have vision and see the World differently through their lenses.

Aaron Nace who’s videos I enjoy watching has put a list of the Best Inspirational Photographers and does a pretty good job keeping it up to date. This is just one source of inspiration in today’s world of digital imaging and information saturation.

Check it out:

Think differently, agree or disagree? Drop me a line or comment below.

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